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Troubadour, independent artist, world citizen


Originally from Cuneo (Italy), after his first studies Diego set off to discover the Americas at the age of 24 (New York and Buenos Aires). There, he develops his musicality with lots of enriching encounters.

Back in Europe a few years later, Diego moved to Nice in 2001 where, alongside the musical entertainment, he self-produced three composition albums.

Diego is also a Beyond Music member, and a teacher with his own "Atelier de Musique", were he teach guitar and popular music.

His sound is colored with "world music", and is always opened to new challenges.

“I have always liked to nurture my musicality with all kinds of traditions and suddenly I like to position myself today at the crossroads or at the border of it all. (...) I also believe that this is the challenge of our "new era of global civilization" where we could seize the opportunity to mutually enrich with each other's differences while rediscovering our common humanity.


Easier said than done...

Patience, perseverance, listening and dialogue..."


Diego Origlia musicien auteur compositeur guitariste Nice World Music
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